Smart street lights, Smart LED lights, RGB, Color changing, Emergency light, Dimming and connected.

Power & Charging

AC Stabilizer, Smart plugs, AC monitor and preventers, Battery chargers, Power converters, etc.

Energy Efficient Motor Control

BLDC and PMSM fans, pumps, compressors and EV traction.

Automobile Accessories

Doors locks, Motor solutions, LED head-tail-Indicators, Sensor based safety and security products.

Smart Connected and Infotainment control

Smoke detector, Thermostat, IOT (Bluetooth, sub-GHz RF, WiFi), BP-Sugar monitor,Electronic thermometer, Remote controls, m-Touch switches, etc.

PV Solar

Lantern, Home-lights, Street lights and Solar chargers (PWM and MPPT).

White Goods Control

Water-purifier, Air-con, Refrigerator, Geyser, Cooler,Air-purifier, Washing machine, etc.